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08 Mar, 2016
LED-lamps for the home. Research, testing, choice. Electricity should not just be saved because we pay a lot for it. High energy consumption deteriorates the environment of your home and raises the fire hazard.

Myths about LED lamps

08 Mar, 2016
Myths about LED lamps Contemporary consumers are keeping up with the times and taking an interest in new technologies and products on the lighting market. Among the popular benefits of civilisation – energy-efficient light emitting diode lamps or so called LED-light sources, which are replacing the incandescent lamps in residential and administrative buildings everywhere.

What is LED technology? LED (Light-emitting diode) — a technology that allows one to obtain radiation of visible light waves at the site where the cathode comes into contact with the semiconductor that is connected to the anode (the electrons are interfering with the emission of photons while passing through the semiconductor to the cathode).

Leduro advantages


85% energy savings
compared with an
incandescent bulb

more light

Excellent light output -
up to 100lm / W*
* The emitted light or the intensity of
the light is measured in lumens


Instant brightness


2 year warranty for filament bulbs


3 year warranty for led bulbs


5 year warranty on led panel 94000

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